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We are a family farm with deep roots in the world of farming. My grandparents first started farming with a dairy farm in the 1940's, which over time was passed down to my father. In 1950 my grandfather built a barn that would hold 50 stations for milk and in the 70s my father would double the over all length of the barn. It was an almost magical place to grow up. My father still lives in the old farm house, but much of the farm has been sold and every day it becomes more suburbia. That farming background encouraged my wife and me to move to a place we call home and start a farm to raise our children. Growing I had a dream to be a farm. I envision spending my days taking care of the animals, planting crops in the fields and bailing hay. To put mildly, We have a passion for farming. The thought of growing food to feed people is very rewarding to me. Unless, you have grown your own food then it is hard to describe the satisfaction.


As a child I have fond memory of feeding the caves and I grew the larger feeding the cows and driving tractor. I also had a nace for growing things and enjoyed working in the garden. When I was still in grade school I would start 50 to 100 tomato plants every year. So, growing garlic came naturally to me. We have never used herbicides or pesticides on our gardens so it made complete sense that when we started our garlic project which turned into a garlic farm that it would do everything naturally.

about zick farm - picture of my grandfather at the farm
About zick farm - image of home grown garlic


We’ve now been here for ten years on our small 3.5-acre farm, growing our all-natural garlic. My wife, our children, and I work together to make the whole operation go. From weeding the fields to planting and finally harvesting, the entire farm is a family affair.

We chose to grow garlic because I tasted what I was able to produce on my farm, and realized how much more flavorful and nutritious it was. Garlic is an ingredient used in most dishes, but the quality of garlic available at the grocery store doesn’t compare. I wanted to share that high quality with others. Using regenerative, natural farming practices, we’re able to produce garlic bursting with flavor in nice, big, healthy bulbs.


My favorite part about farming is providing people with healthy food that tastes great. Oftentimes when people try our garlic, they never go back to the grocery store stuff. Chefs and home cooks alike realize how much flavor they’ve been missing out on because of the ingredients they’re using and how naturally grown garlic can make such a big difference in their food!

Our farm functions as a circular ecosystem that ensures we waste as little as possible and needs very little inputs. The few animals that we have on the farm, cows and chickens, provide the manure for our fields as well as the chickens handle some of the insects and other pests that can damage the crops. We make sure to only ever use all-natural inputs to not only maintain the land we farm, but improve it. We want to leave the land better than we found it.

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